Nearmap and OpenSolar Create End-to-End Solar Project Toolkit for Installers

Nearmap and OpenSolar have joined forces to give installers a single tool that allows them to effectively plan, sell and design their next solar project.
Nearmap and OpenSolar Create End-to-End Solar Project Toolkit for Installers
Courtesy of Nearmap

The new product brings Nearmap’s high resolution aerial imagery together with the OpenSolar team’s 25-year history of expertise and innovation in solar. The application is accessible to both Nearmap and OpenSolar customers and offers installers access to Nearmap’s extwnsive library of imagery, including oblique imagery—aerial photography captured at a 45-degree angle. 

With that imagery, designers can view a project from multiple angles and see and measure the tops and sides of buildings. They can also view shadows created by trees or other structures, even at different times of the year.

Those images can be incorporated into site designs and models, giving installers precise information for panel placements and energy output, and resulting in customers having confidence in their return on investment (ROI) calculations.

 “There is no quicker or more compelling way to show customers the many benefits of solar energy than with Nearmap on OpenSolar,” said Rob Newman, Nearmap CEO

The solution provides an interactive experience for residential customers, allowing them to select different solar design options online and learn their ROI projections. The precise designs and current imagery can speed up sales and installations by reducing site visits, permitting delays and change orders. Proposals can even be updated in real-time during calls with customers.

The end-to-end sales toolkit makes everything available through one annual subscription, including imagery, design tools, customer relations management, proposals, branded templates, equipment catalog with full specs, energy estimators, pricing tools and financial modeling.

“This full-service solar design solution bundles the ability to view, measure, design and bid on a project without ever leaving your tablet or computer,” said Andrew Birch, OpenSolar’s Co-Founder. “Nearmap on OpenSolar can provide sky-high savings on every solar bid and installation.”

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