Solar power helping to halve family energy bills during pandemic

Homeowners in areas of the UK are saving up to £3,501 on energy bills a year on average by harnessing solar power according to research by solar panel installers, EffectiveHome.co.uk.
Solar power helping to halve family energy bills during pandemic
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Solar panel installation company EffectiveHome.co.uk analysed data from smart energy suppliers Social Energy about properties and their solar panel usage over the last 12 months to quantify the money savings on energy bills in the current pandemic. The firm also wanted to understand the impact homeowners are having on the environment by going solar and the amount of renewable energy they’re able to effectively sell back to the national grid.

With average households in the UK able to generate £315 worth of solar energy annually, this is the green equivalent of planting 37 new trees and growing them for ten years, 1,087 kg of coal saved from being burned and 5386 miles driven in an average car.

Furthermore, the average homeowner across the UK with solar panels fitted to their property has offset 2171kg of carbon dioxide in the last 12 months on average by generating 100 percent clean solar energy.

The following highlights the average annual savings homeowners can make regionally across the UK by harnessing solar energy:

East England - £350

Southern England - £346

East Midlands - £344

South East - £343

South Wales - £339

South Scotland - £326

North Wales - £325

London - £324

Yorkshire - £321

South West - £318

West Midlands - £317

North East - £303

North West - £290

North Scotland - £166

May 2020 was the period when homeowners were able to generate the most solar power over the last year, as the average solar user saved £48.87 on their bills. Over the next 30 years, homeowners nationally could save a whopping £31,0223 on their energy bills over that period.

In a further boost to homeowners feeling the financial pinch during the current pandemic, unused energy stored in their home solar panel battery systems can be effectively sold back to the national grid. The homeowner can trade energy back and forth to assist preventing power cuts and other issues for the UK’s electricity network and make money in the process. In the UK, the average solar panel owner made £137.30 from exporting energy back to the grid and delivering grid trading. This compares to the South West region, which exported a whopping £147.16 back to the grid.

“With spiraling household energy bills, we wanted to examine how the personal finances of homeowners are benefitting” said Graham Roddan, Group Services Director for EffectiveHome.co.uk. “It seems more and more people are tapping into the power of solar to take control of their bills, make significant savings and give something back to the environment.”

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