Solar sector sees the sharpest ever increase in global PV output

The cumulative nominal output of photovoltaic systems currently installed worldwide was around 627 gigawatts in 2019, with more new capacity installed than in any previous year, according to a new infographic from Kryptoszene.de.
Solar sector sees the sharpest ever increase in global PV output
Courtesy of Kryptoszene.de

The development has not gone unnoticed on the stock exchange floor either, with the value of certain listed companies from the solar and photovoltaic sector recently making significant gains.

Over the last 10 years, worldwide photovoltaic output has increased by 2,626 percent. Never before has the absolute rated output increased more than it did from 2018 to 2019, rising by 115 gigawatts. There are however major regional disparities in Germany. Bavaria alone, for example, generates 27.8 percent of Germany's photovoltaic output. After Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia follow with 12.9 percent and 10.9 percent of output respectively.

At the same time, an upward trend is emerging, and not just in terms of the installation of new plants and modules. Investors also seem to detect the potential. The share price for Enphase Energy, for example, has risen by 139 percent over the past year. Scatec Solar, on the other hand, has seen its market value increase by 59 percent. The DAX fell by 3.5 percent in the same period.

“It is potentially still too early to talk about a revived boom in the solar sector” according to Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay. “However, the data indicates that the industry is growing steadily. There also seems to be some evidence that the trend is on course to continue - for example, the fact that many countries are at risk of missing climate protection targets, which could work in favour of the green power industry.”

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