Stone Edge Farm part of Intersolar North America tour line up

Mac and Leslie McQuown, owners of Stone Edge Farm, have created a “micro-grid” — a self-sufficient, nearly emissions-free energy production and transmission facility which includes seven solar photovoltaic arrays, a microturbine, and SimpliPhi Power’s non-toxic energy storage technology. Stone Edge Farm is part of the official Intersolar North America tour line up for 2017.
Stone Edge Farm part of Intersolar North America tour line up

“SimpliPhi batteries are the only batteries in the Stone Edge Farm microgrid project that are installed inside a building because they do not require thermal control and mitigation to protect the warranty or safeguard against thermal runaway or fire,” said Craig Wooster, CEO of Wooster Energy Engineering, general contractor for the microgrid project at the farm. “An AccESS unit has been installed on the farm, in addition to the original bank of PHI 3.4 kWh batteries in the Zen building that provide power to the ‘critical grid’ portion of the project. This is independent of the larger microgrid and used to power a subset of facility functions that will never lose power should the grid go down

Stone Edge Farm is a living laboratory designed to test and validate new advances in energy hardware and software that combine to create power security and efficiency, both on grid and off. 

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