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SunPower launches Helix Storage for commercial solar customers

California-based SunPower has introduced Helix Storage, a new storage solution that uses intelligent software to manage electricity costs for commercial solar customers.
SunPower launches Helix Storage for commercial solar customers
Courtesy of SunPower

Helix Storage has been designed to integrate with SunPower’s existing commercial solar solutions. The storage solution uses an intelligent software control system that predicts energy consumption from the grid and automatically dispatches stored solar electricity from the battery.

“SunPower has a decade of experience monitoring nearly 1.7 GW of commercial solar projects to best understand how they perform, giving us a unique advantage when maximizing the value of a complete solar-plus-storage solution” said Norm Taffe, SunPower executive vice president, products.

Taffe added that the company has invested heavily in SunPower’s software capabilities in order to develop a more robust and flexible control platform. It is now applying that to manage solar and storage.

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