Zillow Adds Solar Energy Scores to 44 Million Home Listings

Sun Number and Zillow® have partnered to provide instant analyses of a properties’ solar energy potential to homeowners, home buyers and real estate agents. 
Zillow Adds Solar Energy Scores to 44 Million Home Listings

Sun Number scores are available on Zillow for more than 40 million individual buildings nationwide, with more properties being added on a monthly basis. By entering the address of a property, Zillow users can immediately get a Sun Number Score that explains the solar suitability of a building.

The analysis of the “solar-friendliness” of a building is based on factors such as regional climate, daily sun exposure, foliage coverage from nearby trees and more. The 0-100 score and accompanying details help users understand how much solar energy may reduce their utility bills.

“Zillow is a go-to resource for millions of people who are thinking about selling their house, buying a house or who are just curious about what their house is worth. Now, Sun Number and Zillow give them instant access to information about how much they can benefit from renewable solar energy,” said David Herrmann, co-founder of Sun Number.

Sun Number developed this tool with support from the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Incubator program, which fosters technologies that promote and accelerate the adoption of solar energy across the country.

 “Zillow is excited to partner with Sun Number, giving buyers, sellers and agents valuable information about how they can use solar power, potentially lower their utility bills, and focus on sustainability,” said Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow’s chief marketing officer.

Herrmann added, “Many users will be pleasantly surprised to find out that their house is well suited for renewable energy and they can save a lot on traditional utility bills in the process.”

For more information, visit www.zillow.com.

And to read a profile of Sun Number published by the DOE, please visit this link

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