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Gilkes awarded contract for hydro turbines on three SSE sites

Texas company Gilkes has announced it has been awarded a contract by SSE for supply of turbine, generator and control system packages for the compensation flows of three small hydro power stations.
Gilkes awarded contract for hydro turbines on three SSE sites

The company will be supplying a Turgo turbine and Pelton turbine respectively for the Lussa & Nostie Bridge schemes. In order to provide a robust but simple system, the company took inspiration from a historical idea called manual actuation. The turbines will be fitted with manual spear valves that will be set during commissioning to pass the required compensation flows at minimum head. Manual actuation reduces the system complexity requiring minimal intervention from station operators.

They will also be fitted with a deflector system that engages in a failsafe manner in the event of load rejection. This allows for an uninterrupted flow through the system whilst protecting the rotating assembly of the turbine.

The compensation turbine for the third scheme at Truim will be a Francis turbine of standard design that will be paired with a synchronised bypass line. In the event of a load rejection, the Gilkes supplied control system will send a signal for the bypass line to open in failsafe manner to ensure that the compensation flows are maintained whilst the turbine is put through a controlled shut down sequence.

Gilkes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd, which is based in Kendal, Cumbria, UK on the edge of the English Lake District, with Gilkes itself based in League City, Texas USA. Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd have been supplying hydroelectric turbines to SSE since 1948, with over 25 turbines installed on their sites, although its Gilkes subsidiary focuses primarily on the repair, remanufacture and sale of engine cooling pumps.

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