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Senegal seeking consultants to study renewables integration in national grid

The government of Senegal seeks expressions of interest from consultants to study integration of renewable energy into the western African nation's power system. The deadline for placing one's name into consideration is 25 September.
Senegal seeking consultants to study renewables integration in national grid

The country is reportedly interested in considering a wide array of options, including small hydro, biomass, tidal power and wind.

Senagal has received funding from the World Bank since 2008 to support the development of new generation capacity and extend electrical service in underserved rural parts of the country.

The projects are being carried out under the auspices of  Senelec (Société nationale d'électricité du Sénégal), the national electricity company.

Of note to those involved in hydropower, Senegal is a member of the three-nation Senegal River development organization that is currently promoting several projects in the sector.

Consultants chosen to participate will be expected, among other things, to develop an inventory of projects undertaken by private developers and those under discussion.

Senelec has a production capacity of 632.9 MW, 90 MW of which comes from the Manantali Hydroelectric Power Plant in Mali; however, according to published reports, the electricity output is only 519.4 MW due to aging and faulty equipment.

As an example of how much needs to be done, in June 2008, Bloomberg reported Le Quotidien, a Dakar-based newspaper, ran an advertisement from Senelec urging consumers to turn off all non-essential appliances to ensure football supporters can watch a soccer match on television.

The work for which Senegal is currently seeking consultants is to be performed from March-June 2014.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by 9:30 a.m. on 25 to SENELEC, Secretariat, Direction des Affaires Juridiques et de la Passation des Marches, 28, rue Vincens Dakar, 5eme etage, BP 93, Dakar Senegal.(221) 338393018; Fax: (221) 338236180; E-mail:

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