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Morocco to open first phase of world's largest CSP plant

King Mohammed VI of Morocco is poised to open the first phase of what will eventually be the largest CSP plant in the world – the same size as Morocco’s capital city Rabat. 
Morocco to open first phase of world

The event at the Noor CSP complex, which is expected to occur on Friday, was made possible by $435 million in funding from the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Once all three phases of the project are operational -- a goal slated to occur in 2018 -- the mammoth facility is expected to supply 1.1 million Moroccans with 500 MW of power.

The plant could eventually start exporting energy to the European market, project developers said.

The International Energy Agency has estimated that up to 11 percent of the world’s electricity generation could come from CSP by 2050. 

Photo: Courtesy of the World Bank.

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