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REFRACTARIS Provides Heat Shield for New Solar Tower in China

Spanish firm, REFRACTARIS, has designed and built the thermal heat shield for the Luneng Haixi, a new concentrated solar power plant located in China.
REFRACTARIS Provides Heat Shield for New Solar Tower in China

The panel is located at the top the solar tower of the Luneng Haixi Project, in the Qinghai Province. It has been created to protect the frontal zone of the crane from the solar radiation.

In order to create the panel, REFRACTARIS studied every step and all requirements of the customer in order to reach this milestone in this sector.

With an area of more than 10 m², it becomes the greater panel manufactured to the date in the solar tower protection sector. Additionally, it incorporates an automatic mechanism that allows it to rotate in order to permit the crane to operate. 

The CSP plant is comprised of a 50 MW molten salt tower which was built by the Chinese firm SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation and REFRACTARIS has been in charge of the engineering, the supply and the build of the heat shield .

The CSP plant is an essential part of the Luneng Haixi Geermu Pilot Project which has a capacity of 700 MW including 400 MW of wind energy, 200 MW of photovoltaic solar energy, 50 MW of solar thermal energy and 50 MW of energy storage. 

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