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Tips from the top for finding your ideal clean energy role

Having tweeted this morning about a vacancy at market intelligence provider CSP Today, we’re now happy to post Tom Hopkinson’s latest blog entry providing top tips on searching for your perfect job in the renewables sector. Tom’s recruitment experience clearly shines through in this succinct but very useful piece for all those job hunters out there.
Tips from the top for finding your ideal clean energy role

Amazingly, many candidates we interview arrive at our door without a clear idea of the role they are searching for. It is much easier to hit a target when you have one to aim at. If you know the type of role you want and company you want to work for then plan to achieve that first and foremost and do not settle for less in the short term.

However, be realistic and have a contingency plan for the medium and long-term by identifying alternative roles you would consider and decide at what stage you would need to start actively considering them also.

Set timescale targets to give your search impetus and structure. For example, by what date do you want to have your first interview arranged, the first interview to have happened? Plan all the way through to starting your new role. There’s a lot more to finding a new role than you may initially think and it will often take longer than anticipated, so don’t waste any time.

Once you know the type of job you want start searching for job advertisements. Search as many different media as you can think of. For example, online job boards, newspapers, attending conferences or the trade press among others.

Benchmark yourself against the requirements detailed in the adverts you have found for your target role. Do you require additional training? What areas are you strongest/weakest in? Is your goal realistic? Could you gain the required experience through internships, voluntary work or work placements? Employers always favour those who show initiative and can prove their desire to join the renewables industry through their actions and application.

Decide what type of company you want to work for to define your target further. Do you want the excitement of a start-up? Or do you like the idea of the opportunities presented by working for a large multinational? What are your personal career goals? Which type of organisation will help you realize them?

Select carefully 2 or 3 recruitment companies to register with who have a proven track record in the industry sector you are targeting. Registering with more than this, or companies without existing contacts in your chosen field, will mean you spend too much time fielding irrelevant calls from recruiters instead of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

If you do decide to post your CV online, consider posting it anonymously with only an email via which to contact you. This way you avoid nuisance calls and have the opportunity to screen the companies contacting you before engaging with them. Choose the job board(s) that services the sector you are targeting and stick with it. A quick keyword search will tell you which sites cater for your requirements best. Or ask your recruitment consultant.

Thinking all these elements through carefully instead of diving into an aimless search will increase your chances of securing your dream renewable energy job tenfold and avoid you being back on the market in 12 months’ time looking for another role. It should also remove some of the stress that comes with searching for a new role.

Good luck!

[Editor’s note: Don’t forget Renewable Energy Magazine offers a job bank providing a place to post job vacancies and candidate profiles.]

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