DTBird Successfully Tests its V4D4 Module in the United States

DTBird’s ability to detect and deter large raptors, particularly golden eagles, and to reduce the risk of collisions with wind turbines (WTG) was evaluated in the US by H.T. Harvey & Associates for the American Wind Wildlife Institute.
DTBird Successfully Tests its V4D4 Module in the United States
One of the unmanned aerial vehicles used in the tests

The evaluation was carried out in seven DTBirdV4D4 units installed in 2016 in a California wind farm, using eagle-like unmanned aerial vehicles (aka, UAV) with a 2 m wingspan, and studying in situ large raptor behavior registered during 2017.






From the evaluation, DTBird has calculated  and extracted the following major results:

    • DTBirdV4 Detection Module:
      •  Up to 99% over all eagle-like UAV Detection rate from > 230 m to the Rotor Swept Area (RSA). Calculated by DTBird Team.
      •  63% mean detection rate per distance band of 30 m (7 distance bands from >230 m to the RSA). Extracted from the report.
      • 2.5 false positive rate (flight recording of something other than birds)/WTG/day. Calculated by DTBird Team.
    •  DTBirdD4 Collision Avoidance Module:
      • Deterrence response rates when considering unequivocally successful deterrence and potential deterrence:
        • 52-83% for golden eagles.
        • 36-76% for buteos.
        • 39-78% for all raptors. 
    • DTBirdV4D4 service reliability(operation without failures) calculated by DTBird Team:
      • >98% System.
      • >98% HD Cameras.
      • 100% Collision Avoidance Module.

To see the original report with DTBird notes.

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