Enel Acquires 132 MW of Wind Power in Spain

Enel, acting through its Spanish subsidiary Endesa’s local renewable energies company Enel Green Power España, has agreed to acquire Parques Eolicos Gestinver from Madirid-based Elawan Energy and Genera Avante for €178 million ($219.5 million) including debt. The company owns five wind farms totaling around 132 MW of capacity. The five wind farms are located in the regions of Galicia and Catalonia.
 Enel Acquires 132 MW of Wind Power in Spain
Spanish wind farm courtesy of Enel

The Galician wind farms are the 20 MW Farrapa, 14 MW Peña Revolta and 23.5 MW Pousadoiro, for a total capacity of approximately 57.5 MW, all located in the Lugo Province. The 30 MW Les Forques and 44 MW Montargull wind farms are located in Catalonia’s Tarragona Province and have a combined capacity of 74 MW. All of these plants boast a load factor exceeding 28 percent.

The acquisition is expected to be finalized in the first half of 2018. Following the acquisition, EGPE’s installed capacity in Spain will increase to more than 1,806 MW of which 1,749 MW is from wind power, equivalent to almost 8 percent of total installed wind capacity in Spain, 43 MW from small hydro, and 14 MW from other renewable sources. At present, EGPE plants are able to generate around 4 TWh of emission-free energy each year.

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