Eolus Orders 74 Vestas Wind Turbines

Eolus, a wind power company based in Sweden, has ordered 74 Vestas wind turbines model V136 with a capacity of 279 MW for four wind farms. The turbines are slated for Swedish wind farms at Kråktorpet, Nylandsbergen, Sötterfällan and Anneberg.
Eolus Orders 74 Vestas Wind Turbines

Sixty-one of the turbines have a capacity of 3.8 MW each. Forty-three of them will be used in the Kråktorpet project and 18 will be constructed in Nylandsbergen.

In early December, Eolus announced it had signed an agreement with Aquila Capital regarding the sale of the wind farms Kråktorpet and Nylandsbergen. The preliminary purchase price given was €264 million ($316.6 million).

The transaction covered the sale of all the shares in the respective project companies holding project rights for the wind farms. Both wind farms will be commissioned during 2019.

The wind farms are located close to wind farm Jenåsen that is currently under construction by Eolus in Sundsvall municipality.

The remaining 13 turbines have a capacity of 3.6 MW each. Ten will be used in Sötterfällan and 3 in Anneberg. Eolus signed an agreement with KGAL, a German asset- and investment manager, regarding the sale of these two wind farms on December 22. The preliminary purchase price given was €57.7 million ($33 million).Commissioning of Sötterfällan is expected during the summer of 2019 and commissioning of Anneberg is expected during December 2018.

All four wind farms have full service agreements for 15-20 years from commissioning.

Speaking on the orders with Vestas, Eolus CEO Per Witalisson,said, "Eolus’ objective is to establish high-quality wind farms with the lowest possible cost of energy over the lifetime. In a market with an extremely fast technical development, long term partnerships with world class turbine suppliers like Vestas is an absolute key to success.”

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