iSpin Technology Monitors the Turbine Performance at Vattenfall’s EOWDC

Since Vattenfal’s commissioning of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre earlier this year, the Swedish energy group has been measuring important wind parameters with ROMO iSpin technology to monitor the performance of each of the eleven enhanced MHI Vestas V164 8MW class wind turbines.
iSpin Technology Monitors the Turbine Performance at Vattenfall’s EOWDC
Courtesy of Vestas

ROMO Wind AG is a Swiss-Danish technology and service company. The iSpin equipment was installed as part of the turbine supply contract.

“With iSpin technology, Vattenfall will be able to detect deviations in the power curve, allowing them to remedy the problem and minimise energy losses,” said Brian Sørensen, CEO, Romo Wind.

With its advanced wind measurement capabilities including turbulence intensity, yaw misalignment and inflow angle measurements, in addition to wind speed and direction, the iSpin equipment is an enabler for load calculations and assessments as well as the optimization of the turbines in terms of wake effects.

“The ability to capture value-adding data plays a significant role in the operational phase of a windfarm. The iSpin technology contributes to Vattenfall’s ability to actively control operational risks,” concluded Kevin Jones, Head of Aberdeen Bay, Vattenfall.

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