Siemens supplies 80 wind turbines for North Sea wind farm

The Butendiek wind farm will be able to generate enough power for 370,000 households when it comes online in 2015
Siemens supplies 80 wind turbines for North Sea wind farm

Siemens has been awarded the order by the wpd Group, Germany. The agreement includes a long-term maintenance contract lasting ten years which is the first of its kind for a wind energy project. Siemens will also provide a new logistics concept which includes a service operation vessel specially development for offshore wind facilities. Altogether the order is worth over €700 million.

Butendiek is the eighth offshore wind plant order that Siemens has won in German waters and the second in Europe with an equity stake from Siemens Financial Services.  The project company for the wind farm consists of five investors including Marguerite Fund, Industriens Pension, PKA A/S and wpd AG alongside Siemens Financial Services.

“By 2020, we estimate that the combined installed electrical generating capacity of wind power installations worldwide will reach 500 gigawatts,” said Felix Ferlemann, CEO of Siemens Energy’s Wind Power Division. “Offshore wind power plants constitute by far the fastest growing segment of this market. Maritime wind power is playing a key role in Germany’s energy turnaround efforts. Its broad acceptance among the general public and significantly higher energy capture than onshore installations are particular points in its favor.”

The Butendiek wind farm will be erected approximately 32 kilometers west of the island of Sylt near the German-Danish border. It is the second project-financed offshore wind power plant in Germany for which Siemens is supplying wind turbines and services. Each turbine will have a capacity of 3.6MW with a rotor diameter of 120 metres and the farm as a whole will cover a surface area of 42 square kilometres in waters 20 metres deep.

Siemens maintenance package includes remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions in conjunction with state-of-the-art weather forecasting. It will enable maintenance work to be carried out in bundled packages within suitable timeframes with Siemens service technicians living and working on a specially designed service operation vessel.

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