Vortex Bladeless forms advisory Board for new wind turbine

Vortex Bladeless, the Spanish startup aiming to commercialise a new type of ‘bladeless’ wind turbine, has now formed an advisory board and relocated to Boston, USA.
Vortex Bladeless forms advisory Board for new wind turbine

The company has officially confirmed its relocation to Boston and the formation of its Advisory Board, which includes members from Harvard University, IDEO, TerraForm Power (SunEdison group) and Dat Venture. The Advisory Board will support Vortex Bladeless during its rapid growth in the US.

Vortex Bladeless will be launching its first product at the end of this year, with Massachusetts-based production facilities opening in 2016. The company has also formed a partnership with SEO Bird Life, an organisation with 13.5 million members. It is also currently raising $2.5 million from Spanish and International investors to fund it next, Series A, financial round and has received a grant from Repsol. The company will also be launching a crowdfunding campaign in June.

The multi-patented wind turbines are bladeless and therefore completely free of noise with no risk to birds. The technology also reduces reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs from conventional multi-blade wind power generators by 50 percent. Plans are being developed for a pilot in Asia although no further details about this are available at present.

For further information please REM’s interview with David Suriol earlier this month and an explanatory video in our new tvER section.

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Vortex Bladeless

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