Gasum Receives Grants for New Biogas Plant and Four Filling Stations

Gasum has received grants from the Swedish Climate Leap initiative (‘Klimatklivet’) for a planned new biogas plant and four new gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles. Gasum is aiming to reduce CO2-emissions in the road transport sector with liquefied biogas (LBG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The new projects support the development of the Nordic gas ecosystem.
Gasum Receives Grants for New Biogas Plant and Four Filling Stations
Courtesy of Gasum

The new planned biogas plant supported by Klimatklivet will be located in Götene, Sweden. The approved grant for Gasum’s new plant is valued at €15 million. Manure will be the main feedstock and the biogas produced at the plant will be used for LBG production. In addition, the plant will produce biofertilizers, which for the most part will be organically certified. 

“The idea for the biogas plant was first initiated by the local farmers’ association Götene Biogas Ekonomisk Förening. It’s important for us at Gasum to further develop our presence in the agricultural sector, so we are looking forward to the cooperation. The Götene biogas plant project will strengthen our production capacity, create local jobs and contribute significantly to Gasum’s work to reach climate targets,” said ErikWoode, senior manager of business development, Gasum Sweden.

The four new gas stations being built with the Klimatklivet grant will be located in Malmö, Halmstad and in eastern and western Gothenburg. The stations are planned to begin operating in 2020. The grant of €3 million was approved for the four new filling stations by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency under the Klimatklivet initative. The initiative supports climate investments to cut CO2-emissions in Sweden. The gas filling stations chosen for the grant are located in high-traffic areas. New stations in Sweden will be part of the gas filling station network which offers LBG and LNG for heavy-duty vehicles.

The road transport sector plays a key role in reducing CO2-emissions. In order to reach the emission targets set by Sweden as well as the EU, changes in the transport sector need to be made now. The national target in Sweden is to reduce road transport emissions by 70 percent by 2030, as compared to 2010 levels. With the development of Gasum’s Nordic gas filling station network, more environmentally friendly options are becoming increasingly available and supporting the transition to cleaner road transport.

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