Meridiam Backs Evergaz Biogas Projects

Meridiam Transition, a fund dedicated to the ecological transition in European infrastructures, is investing close to €30 million ($37 million) in French biogas company, Evergaz, to support the company’s development policy and finance projects developed by Evergaz in France and Europe.
Meridiam Backs Evergaz Biogas Projects
Courtesy of Evergaz

This partnership is consistent with the cooperation between Evergaz and Meridiam, initiated in Germany in 2017, when the companies acquired two biogas plants with a capacity of 1,400 Nm3/h of biomethane and 950 kWel.

As an organic waste treatment solution, biogas production by anaerobic digestion also produces renewable energy. The companies feel biogas is underdeveloped in France with only 600 biogas plants compared with 9,000 in Germany. This makes the anaerobic digestion sector one of the French government’s priorities
“Biogas is a game changing sector bridging rural and urban communities, through  the virtues of the circular economy, consistant with EU objectives and Meridiam’s mission,” said Julien Touati, Meridiam’s Partner and Development Director.

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