Nature Energy Enters Into Biogas Deal with Shell

Nature Energy and Shell have entered into a major agreement whereby Nature Energy will sell biogas to Shell Energy Europe Limited. The agreement is, to date, the largest of its kind in the world and proves that biogas is an important part of green conversion throughout Europe.
Nature Energy Enters Into Biogas Deal with Shell

One of the world's largest energy companies Shell invests in biogas from one of the world's largest producers of biogas Nature Energy. 

The parties have not disclosed the exact size of the agreement, but state that the agreement is the largest biogas agreement in the world to date. 

“The agreement is a blue stamp of biogas as an important part of the green transition that is taking place all over the world. We are proud that an energy mastodon like Shell is investing in biogas from us,”says Ole Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy. “The agreement is a commercial breakthrough for biogas and at the same time gives us more muscle to realize new biogas projects. We have ambitions to build several large-scale biogas plants in Denmark, North America and Europe, and here the agreement with Shell is an important step on the path for Nature Energy, but also for the green conversion.”

 At the same time, Nature Energy's CEO praises Shell for investing in the green transition.

“In our dialogue with Shell, we really felt that it was important for them to contribute to the green transition, so we also have no doubt that it is right that we go together to get more biogas out in Europe, ”says Hvelplund.

Shell sees investment in biogas as part of their broader efforts to provide more and cleaner energy solutions to society.

"Biogas has an important role to play in the energy conversion. This agreement is an important part of our work to offer our customers across Europe the opportunity to choose lower carbon footprint solutions," said Jonathan McCloy, general manager for Gas at Shell Energy Europe. 

 "We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Nature Energy through this biogas agreement."

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