SureSource Power Plant Achieves CARB 2013 Certification

FuelCell Energy’s SureSource 1500™ fuel cell power plant operating on Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG) has received certification under the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB 2013) distributed generation emission standards. 
SureSource Power Plant Achieves CARB 2013 Certification

“Our SureSource solution is the only technology to achieve this CARB 2013 certification operating on renewable biogas, illustrating our leadership position with ultra-clean on-site power delivered affordably,” said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy. 

Municipal wastewater treatment applications for the SureSource solution are based on a comprehensive approach that enables the municipality to outsource the operation and maintenance of the fuel cell power plant as well as biogas treatment, which is also provided by FuelCell Energy using the company’s proprietary technology for biogas treatment and fuel quality monitoring.  SureSource can utilize on-site renewable biogas or directed biogas as a fuel source.

Power produced by the system can be used on site or sold to the electric utility under tariffs such as California’s BioMAT feed in tariff.  A modification of the technology is available in which the power plant produces vehicle-grade renewable hydrogen in addition to power and heat, supporting the developing infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles.

“We have gained extensive experience working with a number of municipal water treatment facilities, leading to our industry-leading expertise with fuel blending as well as our own state-of-the-art gas treatment and impurity monitoring processes,” said Frank Wolak, Vice President Sales-Americas. “This comprehensive turn-key approach to equipment supply and service provides one point of contact for our customers, and our financing alternatives include a pay-as-power-is-provided model.”

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