Ebikes: One Mode of Transportation for the Future?

by Wyatt Somerset
Ebikes: One Mode of Transportation for the Future?

What comes to your mind when you think of technologies that have transformed the world, and how we operate and live in it? Perhaps it’s the computer, the automobile, or even the smart phone. But another technology is silently thriving and gaining widespread usage without drawing too much attention. This technology is Ebiking, and it has a huge potential for changing the world. But how does regular biking compare to Ebiking? This guide will give you a glimpse of both worlds.

How are Ebikes different?

An Ebike is just a regular bike with an electrical drive system. This system includes a motor, a battery to power the motor, a means to incorporate the power of the motor into the drivetrain, and a throttle to regulate that power.

The motor: This is the most important part of the Ebike. It’s responsible for making it ride smoothly. It propels the crank, not the wheel. It increases its power and makes the most out of the bike’s existing gears. Thanks to its location close to the ground and near the center of gravity, the motor perfectly spreads the weight throughout the bike and makes it extremely easy to handle.

The battery: Other than being the heaviest part of the bike, the battery is also the most expensive. A typical Ebike battery can give you 40 miles of uninterrupted riding. It’s also easy to remove, meaning you can charge it both at home or office.

The drivetrain: This part provides enough power and torque to propel the wheels. The drivetrain is always multi-geared to help cyclists navigate hills and other barriers.

The throttle: This component allows you to regulate the power coming from the motor.

Other than those four components, Ebikes share similar parts with regular bikes. They all have a frame, a pair of wheels, suspension, disc brakes, handlebars, pedals, and a comfortable seat. Bear in mind that the style and quality of each of these parts will vary from one bike model to another.

 How Does Regular Biking Compare to Ebiking?

A regular bike is a great means of transportation, physical exercise, and relaxation. Biking gives you freedom and fills your day with fun. Bike riding dates back to the 1800s. It’s still a popular method of transportation in big cities like Amsterdam where people commute on bikes. The problem with the regular bike is that things like hills, health, level of fitness, or arriving at your destination tired and no longer daisy-fresh may keep you from enjoying the ride.

With Ebiking, all these disadvantages are eliminated. It allows you to reach your destination faster and climb hills hassle-freely. It makes riding effortless and enjoyable.

Do you live in a hilly or windy area? Don’t panic! Take advantage of that electric boost and navigate through the hills and winds in no time. If you want to get to work on time without breaking a sweat, then an Ebike is your best bet. Take your time to find the best electric bike kits that will meet your biking needs.

Are you worried about the length of your recreational ride? Perhaps in the past, you could cover over 20 miles with a regular bike, but now you can’t manage even five miles. With an Ebike, you can ride wherever you want and get back home without a hassle.

Do you feel like your heart, knees, or leg muscles aren’t as strong as they need to be? Maybe you stopped working out, gained weight, and now your knees are always aching due to excess pressure exerted on them. Or perhaps you want to start exercising but you don’t know where to start. An Ebike will get you working out in no time. If you don’t have a flexible budget for a purpose-built electric bike, then consider getting electric bike kits. Then use them to convert your standard bicycle into an Ebike.

 Final Thoughts

Riding any bike has many benefits, including freedom, enhanced overall health, more enjoyment, and less stress. On top of that, it also reduces car traffic and keeps the environment clean. But what sets Ebikes apart from other bikes is the fact that they allow more people to enjoy what biking has to offer.

Although Ebikes will never completely phase out regular bikes, they can trigger a surge in the number of riders by getting rid of barriers that keep many people from riding. If health or other concerns have prevented you from riding, then getting a good electric bike is the best solution. With so many electric bike kits and purpose-built  Ebikes out there, getting one that suits your fitness level and budget is a cinch.

Wyatt is an outdoor guide for amateur to expert cyclists. He is dedicated to keeping his mind and body healthy. He is very passionate about sports, however, his favorite thing to do is to read as much as he can and share his knowledge with others. Wyatt is dedicated to leading a plastic-free lifestyle.



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