ENGIE team up with Arval to simplify access to EVs

Global energy and EV charging infrastructure company ENGIE has partnered with global specialist in corporate vehicle fleet leasing Arval to announce the launch of a new green transport offer that aims to simplify access to electric vehicles for companies, local communities and private individuals.
ENGIE team up with Arval to simplify access to EVs

The integrated service is based on a monthly rental fee and includes electric vehicle leasing from Arval and the installation and maintenance by ENGIE of charging points at company sites, in town centres or at drivers' homes. The offer includes an unique and innovative ‘green energy’ option. The offer will be launched first in Belgium in early 2019 and then in France. It will subsequently be deployed in several countries, including Italy, the Netherlands and the UK.

“Supporting the energy transition with cleaner mobility solutions – including electric – is at the heart of ENGIE's strategy” said Shankar Krishnamoorthy, ENGIE's Executive Vice-President. “This new integrated offer, created jointly with Arval, will democratise access to electric vehicles and help improve air quality and reduce noise pollution in cities.”

Bart Beckers, Arval's Chief Commercial Officer, added that the company is delighted to be cooperating with ENGIE and that, for Arval, the partnership illustrates its ambition to be an active player in the energy transition by working with strategic international partners to accelerate change.

Transport is currently responsible for 23 percent of CO2 emissions worldwide and 95 percent of the sector still relies on petroleum fuels. ENGIE has made green mobility one of the pillars of its strategy and is developing a range of solutions tailored to its customers' needs such as urban planning consultancy services, public transport solutions (electrification, installation of signalling systems, service optimisation), solutions using alternative fuels (electricity but also natural gas and hydrogen) and digital platforms aiming to improve traffic flow.

Companies are increasingly keen to introduce vehicles using alternative energy sources into their fleets: 26 percent of companies intend to choose electric vehicles for part of their fleet in the next three years, and this percentage climbs to 56 percent among major corporations. Electric vehicles are an increasingly attractive solution, particularly in urban areas, to help reduce air and noise pollution levels.

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