Envision Solar announces new lamp standard EV charger

Envision Solar International's new EV-Standard integrated lamp standard and EV charger is in the advanced stages of product development, aiming for commercialization early this year. 
Envision Solar announces new lamp standard EV charger
Courtesy of Envision Solar

The company says its EV-Standard is now patent-pending and will be ready for commercialisation in the second quarter of 2018. The product is a fully integrated lamp standard and EV charging product which combines renewable energy, a grid connection, and energy storage. It is aimed at offering an on-street, Level II EV charging facility for anyone unable to charge at home or at work.

The EV-Standard combines several existing Envision technologies, interconnecting solar tracking, wind and an existing grid connection to onboard ARC Storage. The combined power source is used to provide street lighting and Level II EV charging at the curb. The product uses renewable energy and storage as a circuit multiplier and attaches to existing foundations, on-site construction, electrical or permitting work is therefore minimal. The product is designed to be minimally invasive, rapidly deployed and offer very low total cost of ownership to the operator. The integrated street light is a low energy, high lumens LED which will fit well with existing plans for energy efficient street lighting retrofits.

“We have demonstrated our ability to bring renewably energised EV charging to business and government with our patented EV and Solar Tree products,” said Envision Solar CEO, Desmond Wheatley. “Our new EV-Standard combines everything we have learned in a mass-market, curbside solution. Big city customers I've shared this with view it as a potential game changer”

The EV-Standard is manufactured in California and can be fitted onto the top of an existing lamp standard’s foundations.  The system’s solar electricity generation is enhanced by Envision Solar’s EnvisionTrak tracking system, which causes the array to follow the sun, generating up to 25 percent more electricity than a fixed array.

The energy is combined with the unused portion of the existing streetlight circuit through daytime capture and reduced in-use power requirements which come as a result of the efficient LED fixture. Energy is stored in the EV-Standard product’s energy storage for charging day or night and to provide emergency power and EV charging during grid failure.

Because the EV-Standard product uses existing civil and electrical infrastructure, it can be deployed rapidly. EV-Standard products will be manufactured in the company’s San Diego facility.
Image: Artists impression of the new Envision Solar EV-Standard

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