EverCharge’s SmartPower Technology Featured in Volta’s Iconic Charging Stations

California-based, EverCharge, the leading smart electric vehicle (EV) charging provider, has partnered with Volta, the industry leader in innovative electric vehicle charging networks. The partnership places EverCharge’s SmartPower technology into Volta’s award-winning stations. This allows Volta to add intelligent power-sharing load management reducing station-related infrastructure costs.
EverCharge’s SmartPower Technology Featured in Volta’s Iconic Charging Stations
Courtesy of EverCharge

“We partnered with EverCharge as their technology solves crucial problems in a creative way,” said Scott Mercer, Volta’s founder and CEO. “Putting SmartPower into our stations drives down the cost of infrastructure, delivering more miles of charge per dollar invested than any other charging network.”

Through the use of innovative load management technology—SmartPower—EverCharge expands charging capabilities significantly and avoids expensive infrastructure upgrades, enabling additional stations at a location. SmartPower does this by intelligently delivering power to all vehicle models at their optimum charging capability. Using a fully vertically integrated solution and innovative SmartPower technology, EverCharge allows Volta to drastically reduce installation costs while deploying the benefits of EV charging at more locations and facilitating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles nationwide.

“Every day we hear from EV owners that they need an easy and affordable way to recharge their vehicles,” said EverCharge founder and CEO Jason Appelbaum. “With the Volta partnership, we are helping scale their network of chargers in a meaningful way. Together we aim to grow the EV industry even faster, leading to mass availability of EV charging stations across the US.”

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