Mobi.Europe launches its first newsletter  

The relatively new European electro-mobility initiative, Mobi.Europe, formed at the beginning of the year, has released its first monthly newsletter.
Mobi.Europe launches its first newsletter  

Mobi. Europe is a European demonstration project on smart-connected electro-mobility that began at the beginning of the year. It brings together twelve public and private entities from five different countries built on top of four different European on-going electro mobility initiatives, specifically MOBI.E in Portugal, e-car in Ireland, Amsterdam Electric in the Netherlands and the Galician electro-mobility initiative in Spain.

Mobi.Europe was one of four projects for the deployment of electro-mobility (program CIP ICT_PSP Smart-Connected Electro-Mobility) launched by the European Parliament on the 8th February and is aiming to contribute to communication and business standards for a pan-European interoperable network for electric vehicles in the near future. Mobi.Europe also hopes to show how European companies are becoming world innovators within this field of smart-connected electro-mobility.

This first issue of the newsletter covers the milestones and the status of the four pilots composing the MOBI.Europe project; furthermore it also includes an introduction by the project coordinator (João Caetano), who gives an integrated overview and vision of the Project, and an article by the mayor of Vigo (Abel Caballero), who stresses the city’s commitment to electro-mobility.

The long term aim of the project is the evolution of an electric vehicle network throughout Europe free of business or technological barriers.

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