New concept camper uses second-life EV batteries for off-grid leisure

Nissan Energy and Opus Campers have collaborated on a smart camping concept that uses second-life Nissan electric vehicle batteries to deliver up to a week’s worth of remote power for ‘off-grid’ adventures.
New concept camper uses second-life EV batteries for off-grid leisure
Nissan Air Opus - Courtesy of Nissan Energy and Opus Campers

The Nissan x Opus concept integrates the recently unveiled Nissan Energy Roam, a portable, all-in-one, weatherproof power pack harnessing Nissan’s EV battery technology for convenient, emission-free and silent power on the go. The Roam has a storage capacity of 700Wh and a power output of 1kW. It’s lithium-ion cells are recovered from first-generation Nissan electric vehicles, thereby giving the batteries a second-life.

The batteries are mounted in a special compartment at the front of the Opus, enabling the Roam unit to provide a power supply to both the 230v circuit and the 12v circuit through recharging of the on-board leisure battery that powers the 12v system. This helps support enough energy autonomy for around seven days of camping, with assistance from a solar panel accessory.

The concept allows campers to remain connected and enjoy the comforts of home, whilst having the freedom to travel to remote areas. Uniquely, Nissan Energy Roam can be removed from its housing within the camper and recharged away from the campsite via a standard 230v domestic socket, or by plugging into a solar panel accessory.

A demonstration of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision, Nissan Energy Roam is a real-world example of how the company is integrating its battery technology and EV expertise into entirely new business sectors, delivering cleaner, more sustainable solutions to those who need power on the go.

“Nissan’s leadership in energy services means we are not only transforming the way people drive, but also the way we live” said Francisco Carranza, managing director, Nissan Energy. “The Nissan x Opus concept is a real-world example of how Nissan Energy Roam can integrate into our lifestyles – in this case the hugely popular leisure activity of camping.Our customers already have the ability to take control of their energy use at home through Nissan’s residential storage solutions. Now we can give them complete independence to experience ‘off-grid’ adventures. The new Nissan Energy Roam can deliver clean sustainable power to the most remote of locations, and be enjoyed by everyone.”

Jonathan Harrison, managing director, Opus, added that at the moment, to go ‘off-grid’ for any lengthy period, you either turn to a fossil-fuel generator – which isn’t good for air quality or a peaceful camping ambience – or you compromise on the power you can use with existing battery solutions. The new concept is answering real customer needs. Soon, campers might be able to take whichever road they choose in the safe knowledge they will be connected to a robust and sustainable energy supply.

The Nissan x Opus concept will make its public debut on the Opus stand (5455) at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at The NEC, Birmingham, UK from 19-24 February 2019. It will launch in European markets later this year.

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