Ohme and Octopus EV partner on smart charging technology 

Salary sacrifice with Octopus Electric Vehicles is an all-inclusive, low admin scheme that offers employees and businesses the benefits of 100 percent electric vehicles, including insurance, accident management, servicing, maintenance and repair, road-side assistance and recovery.
Ohme and Octopus EV partner on smart charging technology 

The new Electric Dreams scheme enables employees to make significant savings on monthly car costs, while making the switch to a brand new EV. Drivers who order an EV on an Electric Dreams scheme before July 2021 will also receive an Ohme wall charger. This will enable employees to sync their charging with the cheapest hours of the day automatically - they just let the Ohme app know how much charge they want and by when, and it optimises it all for them.

Every vehicle taken on the Electric Dreams scheme is 100 percent electric, and used in conjunction with Ohme’s smart charging technology, will dramatically reduce emissions and help facilitate a smooth transition to zero-carbon transport.

“Ohme are thrilled to be working with Octopus Electric Vehicles as the company’s charging partner” said  David Watson, CEO and founder of Ohme. “Smart charging technologies such as Ohme’s bring down the cost and complexity of electric vehicle ownership. When used in tandem with incentive schemes like Electric Dreams, the barriers to EV adoption for the average driver come tumbling down. These developments represent a huge step towards a greener, more sustainable future in the UK.”

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