Synetiq marks World Environment Day by unveiling its latest EV delivery van

Synetiq has unveiled its new electric green parts delivery van and EV charging points, as part of the company’s new and ongoing sustainability initiative – The Road to Tomorrow.
Synetiq marks World Environment Day by unveiling its latest EV delivery van
Courtesy of Synetiq

The new Mercedes Benz e-Sprinter has been nicknamed ‘St-EV Wonder’ and it will be powered by a newly installed bank of EV charging points, which will provide on-site charging not only for Synetiq’s vans, but also for any employees to charge their own EV’s while at work. Now fully installed at the Doncaster site, similar charging points are being installed across all Synetiq sites in the coming weeks.

With a current level of 95.3 percent of vehicles passed through Synetiq being fully recycled, and with green parts use contributing to an annual saving of 5,500,000 kgs of CO2e over the last two years, as well as a comprehensive road map towards achieving further carbon savings, Synetiq’s sustainability bar is already high. The Road to Tomorrow initiative ensures that the current levels will be seen as a base line to be improved via revised working practices, employee education and incentives.

“Unveiling our latest emissions-free parts van in celebration of World Environment Day underlines our ongoing commitment to sustainability” said Synetiq CEO Tom Rumboll. “Of course, sustainability and the environment are important on more than just one day a year, so we introduced our ‘Road to Tomorrow’ strategy to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do as a company. Our internal carbon literacy training program, the independently investigated carbon audit we carried out earlier in the year and host of other internal schemes are designed to educate and encourage us both as a company and as individuals to act in the most sustainable way possible, not just on World Environment Day, but every day going forwards. We’ve worked hard to understand the true CO2 savings we’re achieving each day, and the next step on Our Road to Tomorrow is demonstrating this to our clients and customers.”

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