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Myriota launches new toolkit to accelerate IoT availability

Technology company Myriota has launched a Developer Toolkit to accelerate the availability of Internet of Things (IoT) technology across the global tech community.
Myriota launches new toolkit to accelerate IoT availability
IoT technology workshop, courtesy of We Make Milano, Flickr

The Developer Toolkit will enable developers to integrate Myriota’s direct-to-satellite communications technology with IoT products. The Toolkit has been extensively trialled and tested over the last six months by members of Myriota’s early access partner programme across Australia, Europe and the US; including by

Australia’s first smart waste management platform Smartsensor.

“Enabling a myriad of applications, the Myriota Developer Toolkit supports the development of innovative IoT devices for a wide range of industries” said CTO and co-founder of Myriota, Dr David Haley. “It will enable developers to add the lowest cost, most secure and longest battery life IoT connectivity to their products for truly remote applications.”

Provider of smart metering solutions for the water and gas industry, WaterGroup also took part in the early access programme, with Manager of Smart Metering & IoT, Rian Sullings, saying that the units that have been deployed are already making an impact.

“With increased stress being placed on our water supplies, particularly in drought stricken rural areas, there has never been greater demand or greater capability to monitor water - our most precious resource” Sullings said. “Traditional terrestrial wireless networks cover only around one third of Australia’s geographic area, but we’re now able to connect to the previously unconnected - monitoring critical water infrastructure no matter where it is located. Using Myriota's direct-to-orbit connectivity, our digital water metering solutions can operate practically anywhere; collecting vital data on our water networks, and enabling data analytics and efficiency improvements.”

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