Subterra Renewables and Turnkey Site Solutions Partner on Geothermal Service

Subterra Renewables and Turnkey Site Solutions have announced the formation of a strategic collaboration. Creating Canada’s first full-service geothermal drilling and shoring service, STS Geothermal, the alliance combines Turnkey’s extensive drilling and site execution capabilities with Subterra’s geothermal energy platform.
Subterra Renewables and Turnkey Site Solutions Partner on Geothermal Service
Courtesy of STS Geothermal

This alliance offers the potential to drive growth in the sector. Joining forces to bring experts from all angles in-house, STS Geothermal’s new end-to-end product manages and executes every stage of the underground process for clients – from design through first excavation, installation through project completion and site cleanup. This holistic strategy creates an opportunity for developers to embrace geothermal field development, implementation, and operation with less capital expense and time commitment.  The geothermal system is provided without cost, and financing for the field is available from STS Geothermal.

STS Geothermal is the first geothermal company in Canada to offer comprehensive in-house drilling and shoring capabilities.

 “We believe in delivering a complete building solution,” said Lucie Andlauer, CEO/Partner at Subterra. “This partnership will greatly contribute toward expanding our product offerings to our clients while creating efficiencies in pricing and resources.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity to expand our reach, addressing a serious industry bottleneck by filling the current void of reliable, quality and safety focused contractors,” said Matthew Over, President and Founder at Turnkey Site Solutions.


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