First Japanese energy storage conference coming in November 2014

 “Science meets business meets politics” is the motto of the first Energy Storage Summit Japan, which will take place 5-6 November, 2014, in Tokyo.
First Japanese energy storage conference coming in November 2014

The Energy Storage Summit Japan features a one-day conference on 6 November, 2014 at the TKP Akasaka Conference Center, while the previous day involves visits to several companies. During the event, representatives from the Japanese energy industry, relevant ministries and authorities, research institutes and associations will meet international representatives from the industry, research and politics.

The much anticipated liberalization of the Japanese energy market in 2016 will bring about significant changes and open up new possibilities for the energy storage and energy management segment.

In January 2012, the Ministry for the Industry METI set up the “Storage Battery Strategy Project Team“, which focuses on the promotion of energy storage solutions (particularly batteries). The government expects the Japanese industry to represent 50 percent of the global battery storage market by 2020. In February 2013 the Japanese government launched an comprehensive action programme: over the next ten years, JPY 310 billion (€2.21 billion) are to be invested into state-run as well as private grid development schemes.

Speaking of the the Energy Storage Summit Japan, Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, CEO of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, said,  “So far, Japan has no event that focuses exclusively on energy storage. Many Japanese companies and ministries told us that a special summit such as this one with the objective of an international exchange of information and the establishment of business relations would be highly welcome.

"There is a keen interest in the contributions of international experts, but also an awareness of the importance of domestic companies and research institutes, which are among the international market leaders. We are delighted that the Japanese Foreign Minister confirmed his support for the Energy Storage Summit Japan, which will promote the global exchange of information and intelligence on this important subject," Dornscheidt said.

The Energy Storage Summit Japan is part of the “World of Energy Storage” chain of events initiated by Messe Düsseldorf.

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