Hydrogen Application and Use Seminar

The fourth webinar in the GenComm hosted HAZEL fall webinars which takes place on Tuesday, November 3 at 10:00 GMT.  is titled: ‘Hydrogen Application and use’.
Hydrogen Application and Use Seminar

The  HAZEL- ‘Green Hydrogen enAbled Zero Emissions suppLy  chain webinar series addresses the entire supply chain of Green H2 including production, sustainability, safety, application, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At this upcoming fourth webinar,  Reinhard Tatschl from AVL in Austria will present on ‘Regenerative low-temperature fuel cell’, Richard Halsey from Energy Systems Catapult in Birmingham, will present on ‘The role of hydrogen in a net zero energy system and potential for hybrid heating solutions in existing homes’, Mark Welsh from Energia will present on the topic of ‘Hydrogen in a net zero energy system’, and Neil Hewitt from the University of Ulster will present on ‘H2 Powered Hybrid Heat Pumps’.

Paul Mc Cormack, GenComm Program Manager, said, “Green Hydrogen is a key energy vector that can assist Europe reach climate change targets as it enables massive decarbonization of industry heat, power generation and transport sectors. The GenComm and HAZEL projects are pathfinders on this net zero journey, assisting Europe to navigate its journey to sustainability using Green Hydrogen as the true north on the Net Zero Strategy Compass.

“In this our 4th HAZEL webinar our speakers will highlight the potential of Hydrogenewables - Clean, green hydrogen from renewables and how these applications will play a pivotal role in realizing the EU’s climate objectives. The speakers will illustrate the possible of Green H2 and detail why we need a greater integration of renewable energy in our energy matrix. Hydrogen is one of those carriers which has attracted much support from many countries and we want to reassure people of its value and significance in industry, transport and power.”

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