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New Call for Proposals for Environmental Monitoring of Tidal And Wave Energy

The European Commission has published a new call for grants to support the development of ocean energy in Europe. Budgeted at € 2.3 million, this call wants to attract projects that can improve environmental monitoring of tidal and wave energy devices. Deadline for applications is January 15, 2020.
New Call for Proposals for Environmental Monitoring of Tidal And Wave Energy

Ocean energy is a promising source for clean, predictable and reliable energy made in the EU. It could contribute to the EU's energy independence and its objective of sourcing at least 32 percent of EU energy consumption from renewables by 2030. The EU is currently the global leader in ocean energy technologies.

With the call for grants, the European Commission wants to help future deployments by de-risking and documenting the licensing process.

More specific, the objectives of the projects will be to:

  1. Increase environmental data and knowledge of impacts of ocean energy devices
  2. Improve modeling of potential impacts
  3. Build capacity among ocean energy developers and Member States’ authorities
  4. Feed the public debate and inform stakeholders

The Ocean Energy Strategic Roadmap “Building Ocean Energy for Europe” published in November 2016 identified de-risking environmental consenting as a key challenge.

Developers’ application for consent requires a sound understanding of environmental assessment and processes applied to ocean energy. However, deployments of ocean energy devices are without precedent and there is limited empirical data that could inform the regulatory process. Obtaining consent for an emerging technology such as ocean energy can be time consuming and costly. This also entails the need for public information, consultation and support. Consenting processes, thus, need to be anticipated, tailored and proportionate.

Close environmental monitoring and impact assessment and an early understanding of these aspects will benefit the current and future deployments of the ocean energy sector as a whole, by putting in place a guiding framework within which to establish protocol for regulatory assessments, licensing, control and monitoring. This will help to steer the transition from research and development to commercial deployment of new technologies.

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José Juan
La energía undimotriz (de las olas), es limpia, gratuita y será muy rentable para aquélla nación o empresa que sepa desarrollar sistemas eficientes para transformar su energía undimotriz en energía eléctrica. Si per se ya es rentable, la rentabilidad que se puede obtener en la utilización conjunta de la energía de las olas con la energía eólica, es casi incalculable. Siempre dos, suman; por tanto está claro que sería doble rentabilidad que se podrá ver a corto plazo. Para ello es necesaria voluntad. La naturaleza no da nada a cambio de nada. Para obtener algo de ella es necesario invertir previamente. I+D+i. y por supuesto a más capacidad de inversión, mayor y más rápido es el retorno.