BYD and Enerpoint jointly develop energy storage market in Italy

BYD, a leading battery manufacturer, and Enerpoint Group, one of the top players in the international PV scenario, have established a cooperative relationship to jointly develop energy storage market in Italy.
BYD and Enerpoint jointly develop energy storage market in Italy

As part of the partnership, BYD has provided Enerpoint with two sets of DESS (distributed energy storage system) for testing and commissioning.

“BYD is committed to developing green energy industry," said Alex Lu, BYD’s new energy storage business director. "Relying on the unique and core Fe battery technology, now the electrical cabinet assembly plant, which is over 29,000 square meters, have come into use for the production and testing of DESS, inverter, converter and electric car charger.

"Showing BYD’s leading position and long-term strategy in new energy industry by the strength of R&D and investment.” We are very happy that we can achieve the cooperation with Enerpoint .We hope the cooperation between us will offer the most comprehensive new energy solution for our customers," Lu said.

BYD said its energy storage system can provide solutions for users with photovoltaic inverter and is especially suitable for energy storage transformation of installed photovoltaic power generation system.

In addition, the company said it can also provide storage system with loading function or discharging to the grid through photovoltaic energy storage and via energy storage batteries.

Enerpoint has successfully installed 320 MW in solar modules. The cooperation with BYD in energy storage is an effort to adapt to and meet the demand of Italian energy storage market and provide a more systematic and cost effective total energy solution.

The new energy products including new energy vehicle, PV and energy storage have been operated successfully in many countries all over the world.

In other news, BYD recently put its first Brazilian rooftop solar project into operation.

The project was installed in Brazilian Concessionária Ecorodovias highway toll station. The capacity was 21 KW.

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