Engie to support G7 with renewable energy

Engie and the Engie Foundation will support the first eco-responsible G7 by installing energy solutions as part of the ISO 20121 certification of the organisation of the French G7 Presidency.
Engie to support G7 with renewable energy
Courtesy of Engie

Engie will deliver renewable energy solutions for the event, relying on the experience of its local entity the Hydraulic Society of Midi - SHEM - which manages 12 hydraulic dams and local partners. This will include the construction of a solar field to support journalists covering the event and the IRATY press centre. The solar field will consist of 1,300 square metres of solar panels located near the accreditation hall.

Solar panels will also enable phone recharging and free Wifi and a total of 12 generators will be deployed running on rapeseed oil. Journalists will also be able to use 200 hydrogen bicycles supplied by the Biarrote Pragma Industries company to facilitate their travel on the various developed areas.

“We are entering a new era in which companies will be judged by their overall impact on society and the environment” said Isabelle Kocher, General Manager of Engie and President of the Engie Foundation. “Consumers, investors, but also employees, all express new expectations. With its low-carbon and tailor-made competitive solutions, ENGIE supports businesses, communities and major events in this new era of responsibility”.

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