Exergeia Project: do you have any idea shattering energy?

The Exergeia Project, powered by signing Impact Economy, aims to push the boundaries of energy we can use. For that support the invention and innovation in all areas of energy related energy efficiency, generation, storage, transmission and distribution.

Exergeia Project: do you have any idea shattering energy?

The project promoters believe that "it is time to accelerate the cycle of innovation in energy. This can only be achieved if scientific advances reach a high level faster scale. " And set the example of solar energy. "Since the discovery of the photovoltaic effect, by Becquerel in 1839, to manufacture silicon cells first passed over a hundred years." Consistently outstanding advances occurring in the field of materials science, computer technology, engineering ... "But the cycle of innovation is too slow to achieve a model based on 100% renewable throughout our life economy."

That is the reason for the Exergeia Project. Put the batteries inventors / engineers who are called to play an important role in the development of appropriate responses. Those who made this appeal: "If you're working on potentially relevant innovative solutions in the field of alternative energy and want to ally with a committed and competent group having a deep financial and industrial experience and a history of design breakthrough solutions, Please contact us. " In Exergeia value originality, scientific fundamentals and practical feasibility. Powered by Impact Economy The Exergeia Project is driven by Impact Economy, an investment firm and comprehensive strategy based in Switzerland, and an innovative history in many fields. "In finance, our report 'Making Impact Investible' was held by the participants at the opening of the G8 summit, Social Impact Investment Forum in 2013, and sets out the basic guidelines are offered for new initiatives market ".

In energy, some recent work includes investment and advice on the award winning television series 'Years of Living Dangerously,' produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Gelber, Joel Bach and others. The series, which premiered in the US channel Showtime and was issued between April and June this year, shows like never before had done what the energy and climate enigma really mean for us. In the textile industry, manual 'Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains' , released in several languages showed that you can get millions of dollars in this sector to improve social and environmental impact of its workers and its enterprises level, while maintaining its competitiveness. Jobs that led to the creation of Apparel Innovation Consortium.

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