GE Unveils New 4.8-158 Wind Turbine

GE Renewable Energy has unveiled its new 4.8 MW onshore wind turbine with a 158m rotor diameter. It is GE’s largest high efficiency turbine to date. The innovative blade design and large rotor may offer a significant improvement in annual energy production, potentially reducing the cost of energy for customers with low to medium wind speed sites.
GE Unveils New 4.8-158 Wind Turbine

Pete McCabe, President and CEO of GE's Onshore Wind Business stated, "The 4.8–158 design is an important next step in turbine technology and efficiency, and we're excited to introduce this turbine at this moment in time. It is well suited for low to medium wind speed regions worldwide—examples include Germany, Turkey and Australia—as well as for mechanisms like auctions, as countries around the world are putting an increased emphasis on lowering the cost of energy."

The new wind turbine is GE's first onshore entry in the 4MW space. It features high tech blades, improved loads and controls, and taller, more cost-effective towers. These new features have been developed in partnership with LM Wind Power, Blade Dynamics and GE's Global Research Center.

The blades also feature one of the industry's smallest Bolt Circle Diameters, keeping manufacturing and logistical costs down.

"This turbine is a great example of what we can achieve through the GE Store, combining technology and development with innovative design and expertise from the Global Research Center, LM Wind Power and Blade Dynamics," continued McCabe.

The 4.8-158 turbine meets a lower standard of noise emission levels, achieving a 104-dB level during normal operations. The newly-designed machine head reduces the needs for a larger crane while facilitating up-tower repairs and troubleshooting with its up-tower electrical system.


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