GenCell Energy announces new additions to its backup power solution

Israeli manufacturer of fuel cell energy solutions, GenCell, has announced newly added capabilities to its G5 backup power fuel cell solution, opening up a host of new opportunities for clean and reliable backup power capability.
GenCell Energy announces new additions to its backup power solution
Courtesy of GenCell

GenCell announced the added capabilities at yesterdays ‘Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – Powering the Future’ Summit at Birmingham NEC. These include dynamic peak load absorption of up to 100kVA and advancements in Gencell’s IoT remote monitoring software. The G5 solution can now meet an even wider range of power needs for businesses, specifically, those who require a clean and reliable backup power solution that can safeguard their critical assets during a grid outage of any duration, and as a result, ensure business continuity.

These include hotels and other commercial properties – such as gas stations, convenience stores and banks – as well as public services like hospitals and fire stations. Multiple unit G5 solutions have the added benefit of employing a redundant microgrid configuration which further increases their power reliability and flexibility.

The first newly-enhanced G5 backup power fuel cell solution was recently installed at the Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Israel within its cardiac catheterisation unit. With fail-safe fuel cell reliability and new dynamic load capability, the G5 solution kicks-in immediately and absorbs the short, but intense peak loads of sophisticated operating equipment while providing long duration backup. As a result, the G5 prevents even the slightest interruption to power flow, thereby eliminating any possibility of damage to delicate equipment and possible interruptions to surgical procedures. Now the ICCU is ensured a smooth and constant flow of clean electricity, limited only by the availability of fuel to keep the G5 running. This assures them an unprecedented level of power reliability.

The G5 solution is also being installed at a leading hotel in the United States. Upon disconnect from grid power, whether it be for milliseconds or days, the G5 absorbs dynamic loads of 20kVA up to 100kVA and provides instantaneous clean backup power. This enables the hotel to operate critical systems during an outage, including elevators, emergency lighting, security alarms and IT systems, as well as other equipment essential to maintaining business continuity and a high level of customer service.

“The addition of an advanced dynamic peak load absorption capability opens up our proven G5 back power solution to a much wider range of industries and applications” said Gil Shavit, President and CBDO, GenCell Energy. “We can support high peak power demands with an affordable, clean energy source that delivers a level of power reliability that is unparalleled in comparison to traditional backup power supplies used today, such as diesel generators and batteries. As climate change causes more frequent and severe weather incidents and natural disasters, many responsible businesses are adopting this solution to protect their critical assets against power outages, enabling them to keep their business operational and improve customer service.”

The G5 backup power fuel cell solution also features an advanced IoT remote monitoring software, which has been upgraded to offer businesses wider capabilities to control and maintain the fuel cell remotely. The easy-to-use software provides users complete visibility into system health at all times and alerts users to take prompt action in case of any issues. This eliminates the need for routine maintenance and provides the assurance that when it’s needed, the G5 backup power supply will kick-in to maintain full functionality. In contrast to diesel generators, parts and fuel replacement for the G5 are also far less frequent, significantly reducing maintenance costs for businesses.

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