Little-Designed School Florida’s First Net-Zero K-12 School

NeoCity Academy, located in Kissimmee, is Florida’s first Net-Zero Energy K-12 School. The school celebrated its official opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony today. Located within the NeoCity Campus, one of only 10 high-tech corridors in the world, the 44,820 square foot school will use 76 percent less energy than a regular school and save an estimated $115,000 yearly on energy costs.
Little-Designed School Florida’s First Net-Zero K-12 School
Courtesy of Little

Philip Donovan, project architect at Little explained a net-zero building is one that, at the end of the year, produced more energy than it used. Any excess energy harvested is then returned directly to the local power grid to help offset local power demands at peak usage periods.

“We are so excited for and proud of Osceola School District for raising the bar on sustainable design,” Donovan added.

According to Marc Clinch, Chief Facilities Officer with Osceola School District, this project has de-mystified high performance and zero energy buildings. “We have proven that there is a more cost and energy efficient way to build schools with minimal premiums. The high-performance component at NeoCity Academy represents a less than 6-year return on the investment and just an additional three years for the solar panels.” 

In addition to being a Net-Zero Energy school, NeoCity Academy incorporates a 21st Century an immersive learning environment that addresses a new paradigm of learning, teaching and working. The new school incorporates technology-infused, active and collaborative learning, facilitates inter-disciplinary learning and addresses multiple typologies of learning. The school will focus on three areas of instruction: Advanced Manufacturing/Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Cybersecurity.

NeoCity Academy will open its doors to students on Monday, August 12.

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