US Midwest continues its rise as a hub for clean energy jobs

New employment data from Clean Energy Trust and E2 shows the US Midwest is continuing its steady rise as a hub for clean energy jobs and the policies necessary to spur related economic growth. The fourth annual Clean Jobs Midwest report from Clean Energy Trust (CET) and E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) examines how electric vehicles (EVs) and energy efficiency are fueling the clean energy economies of 12 Midwest states Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin).
US Midwest continues its rise as a hub for clean energy jobs

CET partnered with E2 and BW Research for this comprehensive survey of clean jobs throughout the Midwest. Clean energy jobs in Illinois includes people who work in energy efficiency, renewable energy generation (i.e., solar and wind), advanced transportation, clean fuels, energy storage, and grid modernisation.

Jobs in clean energy compare very favorably to other industries. The Midwest clean energy economy employs more than all the waiters and waitresses, computer programmers, lawyers and web developers in the Midwest combined, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. This data comes from the Quarterly Census of Employment and wages (QCEW).

“Clean Jobs Midwest” includes state-based fact sheets for Illinois and others in the region, as well as an online database with job data by county, congressional district and state legislative district.

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