Envision Solar announces upgraded EV ARC

Envision Solar has announced the launch of the upgraded generation of the EV ARC solar-powered EV charging infrastructure unit, designed for electric vehicle charging, energy security and outdoor media.
Envision Solar announces upgraded EV ARC

The EV ARC is already used by over 100 US municipalities. The upgraded version features a reengineered S-curved column with electronic components and energy storage elevated to the underside of the sun-tracking solar canopy. The new design is flood-proof to 9.5 feet and provides extra space to park on the cambered ballast pad. The improved EnvisionTrak sun tracking technology means that the solar array can be deployed through a 360-degree arc and so accommodates any angled parking space. The elevated equipment enclosure provides improved visibility for branding and, combined with the curved column, creates a sleek modern look and added security.

“We never stop listening to our customers and their wishes have informed several significant improvements in the design, aesthetics and functionality for the EV ARC 2020” said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar. “Our mission to reduce costs while improving quality and continuing to combat climate change has also driven core engineering innovations. The new form factor makes the product more dynamic, expands emergency preparedness and energy resiliency and, uniquely, serves areas threatened by floods and rising sea levels while continuing to offer all of the benefits delivered by the previous generation of EV ARC products.”

New capabilities include:

Expanded Parking Area: Battery storage, electronics and components elevated to the underside of the solar canopy creates more parking area on the cambered ballast pad which still fits inside a standard parking and does not reduce available parking in any way.

Flood-Proof: Moving componentry off the base pad and into the canopy makes the product flood-proof to over nine feet, enhancing the emergency preparedness capabilities.

Angled Parking Spaces: The tracking solar array can now be deployed at any angle above the parking space to fit seamlessly into parallel, perpendicular and herring bone angled parking spaces.

Added Security: Elevation of components and the optional emergency power panel protects vital energy production, storage and access during and after even the most severe conditions.

Aesthetic Design: The S-curved column and tulip stem mounted EV chargers have a more modern, productized appearance whilst maintaining ergonomic-friendly and ADA compliant access to charging plugs.

Cambered Ballast Pad: The traction and ballast pad is cambered for more efficient use of materials, improved aesthetics and more effective water drainage.

Increased Branding Visibility: The enclosure under the solar canopy is a visible clean canvas for branding, advertising, or community beautification initiatives.

“Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population live in coastal areas threatened by rising sea levels,” added Mr. Wheatley. “Renewably energised EV charging infrastructure continues to be our primary focus with the rapid growth in the electrification of transportation. Regions that are increasingly at risk from rising sea levels and other flood threats are looking for infrastructure that will survive and continue to fuel their vehicles and provide emergency power. The EV ARC 2020 gives them a fuelling solution and a source of emergency power that is sustainable, reliable, green and will continue to provide service during and after the most severe conditions.”

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