Fewer Solar Panels, But Higher Power, With Midsummer Magnum

Swedish solar energy company Midsummer continues its product development and presents its first 500W solar panel, the Midsummer Magnum. The company has reconfigured its production line to be able to produce larger quantities of the new Midsummer Magnum panel.
Fewer Solar Panels, But Higher Power, With Midsummer Magnum
Photographer: Helena Engelbrecht

“We continuously strive to expand our products’ area of use and it feels great to soon be able to offer our customers such a grand solar panel as the Midsummer Magnum”, said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. “The improved coverage ratio means our best power per square meter yet and the natural application will be on buildings with large roof area.”

The high-performance and lightweight Magnum-panel was made possible thanks to prior product development and it enables less manual work and lower cost per cell for installation, junction boxes, stringing, edge insulation and encapsulation materials. The Midsummer Magnum will be a cost-effective alternative for large roofs, with higher power and fewer solar panels on the roof surface.

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