Huawei's digital technologies facilitate successful grid connection of Adani 50 MW PV plant during COVID-19 lockdown

Adani Green Energy, a new energy subsidiary of the Indian energy conglomerate Adani Group, successfully connected a 50 MW solar PV plant in Rajasthan State on 16th April when India was still in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to Huawei's digital technologies.
Courtesy of Huawei/Adani Green Energy

To date, Adani Green Energy has deployed 2.6 GW of renewable energy projects, among which over 96 percent use Huawei’s Smart PV Solution. The Rajasthan project uses Huawei Smart PV 1500 V Solution, including 312 SUN2000-185KTL-INH0 smart inverters.

Prior to India entering nationwide lockdown, comprehensive project arrangements were made; specifically, Huawei service personnel provided onsite training and demonstrated the key points to be taken into account during installation. This not only ensures that inverter installation complies with regulations, but also lays a solid foundation for subsequent commissioning.

Huawei established a project assurance team during the commissioning period, when India's nationwide lockdown was being implemented. Huawei service personnel collaborated with onsite engineers to quickly complete system commissioning through remote communication, ensuring that the project is not affected by the pandemic. Successful grid connection was achieved for the project two months ahead of schedule.        

The project is located in a remote area with weak grids. Utilising Huawei’s AI BOOST intelligent grid connection algorithms, the PV plant was successfully connected to the grid at the first attempt and is now capable of delivering significantly better power quality than other PV plants within the same area.

The pandemic has brought O&M difficulties to the PV industry. Specifically, traffic control hinders the construction and O&M of PV plants, and engineers cannot rectify faults onsite. These difficulties not only increase the demand for smart, maintenance-free products, but also drive the digital transformation of PV companies. Huawei Smart PV Solution features maintenance-free design and Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, which ensure a low failure rate and enable one-click remote scanning of the entire PV plant's status, negating the need for onsite inspections. In trying times, such as the current pandemic, these digital technologies play a vital role.

2020 has been a challenging year so far. However, with the pandemic under control in China, Huawei's inverter production capacity has been fully restored. In addition, production, supply chains, and logistics have all returned to normal.

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