Ingeteam supplies 140 MW to Chile for solar projects coming under the PMGD programme

Ingeteam is supplying fourteen of its Inverter Stations with 1500V technology to Grenergy to be incorporated into seven solar PV plants under the Distributed Generation by Small Power Producers (PMGD) programme.

Ingeteam supplies 140 MW to Chile for solar projects coming under the PMGD programme

To date, Ingeteam has supplied 140 MW to Chile for solar projects under the PMGD programme, which supports the execution of generation projects with rated powers of up to 9 MW.

Distributed generation now accounts for one quarter of global investment in renewables in 2015. To promote the construction of projects of this type, the PMGD programme gives PV plant owners the guarantee that they will be able to sell all their output to the electricity grid. Moreover, the Chilean National Energy Commission (CNE) allows these producers to choose between the sale of energy at either a marginal cost or stabilised price. In this latter case, producers are guaranteed stable prices that are higher than market prices, given the fact that these prices are calculated every six months by the CNE and are not subject to a time of day variation.

In the past two years, Ingeteam has supplied its PV inverters for ten solar projects of this type and is now supplying fourteen of its Inverter Stations with 1500V technology for seven solar PV plants that are being built by Grenergy, a company that also decided to install Ingeteam’s PV inverters at the La Esperanza, Marchigüe, Mostazal and Luders photovoltaic plants. Thanks to the supply of PV inverters for these last seven projects, Ingeteam has reached a total power of 140 MW at plants coming under the PMGD programme in Chile. The company also has a portfolio of upcoming projects in Chile, in which it holds a privileged position in the PV inverter manufacturer ranking.

In order to ensure a correct operation of the electric system, a project under the PMGD programme must implement functionalities as minimum electric protections at the coupling switch. These functionalities are performed by Ingeteam’s PL70SV, already in operation in more than 20 installations of this kind. Ingeteam has supplied protection and control systems to the Chilean market to connect with the electric grid 12 renewable energy power plants –wind and solar PV-, totaling more than 1,100MW.

Since Ingeteam first started operating in Chile, five years' ago, the company has achieved a leading position in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy generating plants. In Latin America, the company provides maintenance services to a total of 2.5 GW, of which 664 MW correspond to Chile, accounting for 33 percent of the country's total installed renewable power. In the solar sector in Chile, Ingeteam maintains a total of 330 MW. This record figure was primarily achieved thanks to Ingeteam’s presence in the Atacama desert. The company will supply the integral O&M service to four of these solar farms: Cachiyuyo Solar, Malaquita Solar, Valle Solar Este and Valle Solar Oeste. For the rest, the company will provide after-sales service.

Projects in Chile, coming under the PMGD and equipped with Ingeteam technology currently include:

La Esperanza II (supplied in 2016)

Marchigüe II (supplied in 2016)

Calama Solar I (supplied in 2016)

Puerto Seco Solar (supplied in 2017)

Mostazal (supplied in 2018)

Luders (supplied in 2018)

Cachiyuyo Solar (supplied in 2018)

Valle solar Este (supplied in 2018)

Valle solar Este (supplied in 2018)

Valle solar Oeste (supplied in 2018)

7 projects under supplying process for Grenergy

There are a number of other projects in the Ingeteam portfolio

Ingeteam specialises in the design of power and control electronics (frequency converters, process automation and control systems), electric machines (generators and motors), electrical engineering and generating plants. To date, the company has supplied 50 GW in power converters for renewable energy plants and is amongst the TOP 10 companies dedicated to the operation and maintenance of renewable plants, with a portfolio of more than 12 GW.

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