Interalli Group Gets Approval for 540 MW Project in Brazil

The Interalli Group, a company in the port terminal, logistics and agribusiness sector, has obtained a Preliminary License (LP) for the construction of the Marangatu Photovoltaic Complex, which will be installed in an area of 2,100 hectares in the city of Brasileira, Piauí. Formed by 18 photovoltaic plants, the Marangatu Complex will total 540 MW of installed capacity after completion.
Interalli Group Gets Approval for 540 MW Project in Brazil
Courtesy of Interalli Group

The licenses were issued by the State Secretariat for the Environment of Piauí (SEMAR) and provide conditions for the issuance of the Solar Complex installation license. Work is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2019.

According to the director of the Interalli Group, Fabrício Slavieiro Fumagalli, “The state of Piauí understands that an enterprise of this size contributes to the development of the region. We are betting on the generation of clean energy, employment and income in Piauí.

“The Marangatu Complex will be installed in an area with high levels of solar radiation and will contribute to meet the country's growing energy demand."

In all, according to the Brazilian Association of Solar Photovoltaic Energy, Brazil has an installed photovoltaic solar power of 1,750.6MW. Photovoltaic solar energy is now, after hydraulics and wind, the third most important source of renewable energy in terms of installed capacity worldwide. More than 100 countries use photovoltaic solar energy.


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