Major parties in New South Wales recognise importance of solar power

Substantive clean energy announcements from both the New South Wales Government and the Opposition this weekend show that both major parties have recognised the importance of solar power to voters ahead of the state election next month, said the Clean Energy Council (CEC).
Major parties in New South Wales recognise importance of solar power
Solar farm at Broken Hill, Australia, courtesy of Jeremy Buckingham

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said the major parties should be congratulated for proposals that have embraced solar and batteries as one of the most effective ways to transform our energy system to one that is cheaper, cleaner and more reliable.

“The zero-interest loans of up to $15,000 for solar and storage systems proposed by the government would provide people with the means to store energy from the sun, for use when it is most needed” said Mr Thornton. “As with other renewable energy technologies, one of the biggest barriers for consumers in taking up energy storage is the up-front cost. NSW Labour’s strong commitment to support an additional half a million households in the state with solar rebates of up to $2200 per household over the next decade will also ensure a vibrant industry and provide expanded opportunities for solar businesses and installers”.   

Thornton added that it is very important that the announced programmes contain appropriate safeguards to ensure the systems that are being installed are of a high standard of safety and quality. This will be an extremely important element of both programmes, and the CEC is looking forward to working with whoever wins the next election to ensure that the safety of consumers is of the highest priority.

The announcements from the government and the Labour Party are in line with the policy directives released by the Clean Energy Council last year.

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