Microsoft Completes First Solar Energy Deal in India

Microsoft has completed its first renewable energy deal within the Karnataka state of India. Microsoft will purchase 3 MW of solar-powered electricity from Atria Power to help power its new office building in Bangalore. 
Microsoft Completes First Solar Energy Deal in India
Microsoft's Hyderabad Campus (Microsoft)

The agreement will allow Microsoft to meet 80 percent of the projected electricity needs at the new facility with renewable energy. This deal is part of a state government of Karnataka program to encourage investments in local solar energy operations, in line with the larger Indian government goal to ramp up solar power generation to 100 GW by 2022, as part of India’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Microsoft, like India, has ambitious commitments to use more renewable energy,” said Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist, Microsoft. “By purchasing local solar power to meet some of our local electricity needs, we’re not only meeting our goals but also supporting the growth of local clean energy industries. We’re proud to play a small role in this Indian energy transformation.”

This is Microsoft’s first solar energy agreement in India, and one of the first in Asia — the company recently completed a new solar agreement in Singapore. Microsoft’s goal is to rely on wind, solar and hydropower electricity for at least 50 percent of its energy usage worldwide by the end of 2018.

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