Solar DAO creates Blockchain project to help fund clean energy across the globe

Solar DAO is building a peer-to-peer Blockchain environment for funding and backing clean energy projects across the globe based upon an open Marketplace Community in which members can become co-owners of solar PV plants, reducing risk and costs.
Solar DAO creates Blockchain project to help fund clean energy across the globe

‘Ecotopia’ will perform as a decentralised and autonomic system on smart contracts, supported by Solar DAO through the distribution of free SD2 tokens. Based on the ERC721 standard, these tokens will act as the mechanism driving participants involvement in the project. The initial SDAO tokenholders will become VIP users and moderators of Ecotopia and will also receive other bonuses, details of which will be announced at a later date by Solar DAO.

The members of the Marketplace Community will enjoy a range of benefits, for example being able to choose which sustainable projects to invest in or the ability to offer their own project or initiative for which they will receive funding through Solar DAO. Projects currently in the pipeline include two facilities in Kazakhstan and another in Portugal.

The platform will drive an ‘eco-crowdfunding’ process, enabling the implementation of environmental programmes, creation of renewable energy generation capacities and other green projects. Ecotopia platform members will perform different roles. Those who want to propose a project must make a special contribution with SDAO tokens and complete an extended verification process. After registration and a detailed description of the project, a team of international solar PV experts will evaluate it after which the project will be submitted to the community for consideration.

Currently, until the end of the year, Solar DAO is working on R&D and development of a detailed functional description. Tokens are scheduled for release in two stages in 2019.

The team behind Solar DAO has 25 years of experience in the industry, including the development of 70 MW of solar plant across Europe. The company operates in 15 countries and has four operational solar PV factories.  

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