Solaria introduces PowerVision-150 electricity generating glass

Solar technology company Solaria has introduced its PowerVision-150 range of solar electricity generating glass modules, following the success of PowerXT rooftop modules. 
Solaria introduces PowerVision-150 electricity generating glass

The new modules will transform glass products such as skylights, canopies, patios and atriums into architecturally aesthetic power-producing structures. They have already been endorsed by leading glass and fabrication companies such as Pilkington, AGC and Walters & Wolf.

“By reimagining commercial and residential building structures, Solaria has devised its PowerVision glass in inventive new ways so that nearly every aspect of a building envelope - beyond the rooftop - can generate electricity” said Nick Bagatelos, President of Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems, Inc. “PowerVision builds on the success of PowerXT to enable building owners and developers to turn skylights, windows and building facades into electricity-generating assets.  Seamlessly integrated and easily installed into building designs, Solaria’s patented PowerVision transforms buildings into on-site clean power plants.”

Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma added that there is an increasing demand to provide building designs that incorporate solar power solutions, constructing, where possible, net zero energy structures. Buildings currently account for 40 percent of global energy use, to power light, heat and cool buildings. However, architects, developers and builders can now deploy solar everywhere in skylights, windows and building facades, as well as on rooftops.

Solaria is a global provider of solar modules and technology. The company has used its solar cell process technology to develop an architecturally pleasing glass that has been extensively tested and demonstrated at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Flexlab and can be used in locations not typically associated with solar panels. This results in a see-through surface that generates electricity. Solar-outfitted windows mitigate the sunlight’s effect on a building and work with high-efficiency solar PV modules to unlock the full power potential of buildings, providing high yield at a low cost.

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